INTK Aviation is a strategic supplier of Aerospace and Defense products to the Japanese Ministry Of Defense Agency (JMOD). As such, by working with NTK Aviation, your company gains access to the inner circle of procurement and strategic directions through being represented by our staff at all executive clubs and forums sponsored by major aerospace manufacturers and governmental agencies.

Your products and services are present where decisions are made and solutions are sought after.


As a "strategic supplier", we participate at all levels of planning and procurement for such long running programs at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and source products and components for such programs as the Patriot missile system, SH-60J helicopter, Boeing 747 wing flaps, the Japanese Indigenous Fighter program (F-2), among others. Our reputation to our clients in Japan is proven.

By utilizing NTK Aviation as your marketing agent, your company saves valuable time in establishing your credibility as a supplier in this market.

Strategic Focus

NTK knows the aerospace and defense market in the Japan and the United States, and we forge strategic relationships based on trends in the Japanese and American aerospace markets that benefit both our Japanese and American clients. This strategic focus enables us to pro-actively seek or create opportunities in the Japanese market do to our strategic relationships.

In Japan, such relationships are crucial to long-term success and should not be underestimated by
American companies who seek to introduce products to this market segment. NTK Aviation provides your marketing arms instant access to these strategic relationships through our targeted representation.


NTK Aviation has a long history in dealing with United States based companies and introducing and selling products from American companies in Japan. We know that Americans like to see "progress" and "results", and we know the nature of dealing with Japanese procurement arms. Our clients are provided with valuable professional direction that helps avoid your products being lost in the "bureaucratic shuffle".

NTK is the 3rd largest supplier to Mitsubishi and Kawasaki Heavy Industries according to a recent Japanese survey. Our success is dependent on being responsive to the requirements of both our American and Japanese clients.


Knowledge is power, and when it comes to introducing your products or services to the Japanese Aerospace and Defense Industry, nothing is more crucial than knowledge of the cultural environment and the methods through which products and services are required to gain interest by Japanese Aerospace Procurement arms.

To achieve our objective of being the premier marketing agency to the JMOD and the Japanese Aerospace industry, NTK International (our affiliated companies in Japan) retains staff with solid academic backgrounds as well as extensive experience within the JMOD or former proven industry executives.

Many of our consultants are former high-ranking officers within the JMOD or from engineering, quality assurance and procurement from key industry players.

Technical Expertise

Our affiliated companies in Japan include professionals who can assist in such fields as electronics, communications, aircraft and missile design, composites, metals, ceramics, and other aerospace materials. Should problems in design or manufacturing occur within our Japanese client markets, NTK is often first to spot opportunities and seek solutions through our strategic US based client companies.