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Strategic Market Research

NTK Aviation America, in coordination with our affiliated companies in Tokyo and in Nagoya, understands that to best sell products in Japan, and as well as America, requires a sophisticated level of market intelligence to better position the products we represent and seek to introduce to the Japanese market. Our research can assist you to determine whether your current offering is ideal for the Japanese market, and includes pricing models, key programs that use your services, and strategic direction to best build a market for your products or services.

Strategic Supplier

NTK Aviation is a strategic supplier to the Japanese Defense and Aerospace markets and includes such items as expendables (NAS, BAC, MS, etal.) as well as custom manufactured items for such programs as the prestigious Fighter Program, SH-60, Patriot Missile System, and all Boeing Commercial Aircraft production.

We have been selling goods and services to the Japan Ministry of Defense since 1986. We know this market and the market knows us. By choosing NTK Aviation to represent your product and services, you can be assured that you will receive representations at the elite as well as mid-level buying and budgetary decision levels.

Business Forecasting

We maintain dedicated personnel whose sole focus is on business forecasting and trend analysis of the Japanese market. Our research helps identify market opportunities long before the opportunities reach the public domain. Equally, we are able to establish procurement trends for any given program, and can assist in production advisement to save your company valuable production time by enabling you to manufacture items in cost effective production lots.

Proactive Marketing

NTK Aviation America and NTK International, our affiliated office in Japan, is a pro-active marketing firm. We identify opportunities for advertisement, promotion, and related marketing activities and place your company's name and products before the buyers seeking your products or services.

Long Term Cooperation

Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade, and our professional level of service to our Japanese clients and our American clients is second to none. At all stages of the relationship, we communicate with our American clients to inform them of trends and developments. Our market focus is simple: provide the most sophisticated level of marketing to the Japanese Ministry Of Defense and related markets. This includes the following and are examples of markets we are focused on:

Defense and Defense System
Fighter support
Transports (fixed and rotary wing)
Anti Missile Defense
Electronic Systems and Communications
Space Systems

All commercial aircraft programs

Our clients in Japan include the JMOD (Japan Ministry of Defense Agency), and all major aerospace manufactures, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and the Japan Aircraft Development Corporation.

If you are focused on these markets, we look forward to hearing from you.

If you seek to market your products or services in Japan and are focused on the following markets, please feel free to contact us for an evaluation of your offering.