Your Exclusive Agent In Japan

Japan remains the second largest economy in the world whose engine runs on imported goods and services from all over the world to remain successful and competitive. Yet for American companies seeking to do business in Japan, often the cultural differences in marketing techniques and strategies, and a failure to comprehend the distinct nuances of doing business in Japan, can mean the difference between success and failure, or needless squandering of resources.

To this end, companies the world over have developed strategic relationships with companies in Japan to better assist these foreign companies to develop market share and successfully promote their products in Japan.

Nowhere is this more critical than in the selling products and services to the Japan Ministry of Defense (JMOD), as well as major Japanese aerospace, military-industrial, municipal, and pharmaceutical markets. NTK Aviation American retains the strategic relationships you need through our affiliated offices in Tokyo and Nagoya to better promote your products and services to these markets. As your exclusive agent in Japan, we ensure that your products and services are best represented to the buyers you need to sell your products.