The Business Case for the SIS Division

As Japan seeks to integrate it’s defense capabilities to that of the United States, a professional mediation firm is required to better enable the parties to focus on their core competencies and leave the negotiations to a professional group of elite and respected negotiators able to bridge the cultural gaps between American and Japanese business practices.

SIS Division, as a professional mediation and strategic integration firm, fills this strategic need. To accomplish this task, NAA’s SIS Division consists of experts culled from various defense related organizations including:

Japan Defense Agency (JDA)
Technical Research and Development Institute (TRDI)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD
Lockheed Martin
General Dynamics
Academic Analysts of International and Military Defense Issues

The consultants which comprise the SIS Division enable leading American technology firms to gain access to strategic defense and security initiatives in Japan at the highest of defense industry and governmental levels in a manner that is a “win-win” strategic relationship.

Strategic Outsourced Marketing and Sourcing Firm

By focusing on strategic developments and integration of Japan’s self defense capabilities to that of the United States, the SIS Division maintains a unique leverage in influencing buying and sourcing decisions within the Japanese defense market. This also implies that the SIS Division maintains a unique perspective on products and developments in Japan’s highly sophisticated technology industry that can be of advantage to American firms that would like to utilize some of Japan’s “dual use” technology that is either in development or is already in production. American sourcing of Japan’s dual use technology infrastructure can perhaps save a US company valuable development time rather than trying to custom engineer a comparable solution which may already exist “off the shelf” in Japan.

Whether your firm is seeking to source a solution, or sell a solution, NAA’s SIS Division can provide your firm with a unique window into the Japanese defense industry and it’s related technology infrastructure.

For more information about our services and how SIS can be of value to your organization, please feel free to call.