Brief History

Established as a food importer/supplier for the Japan Defense Agency in Tokyo 1977 North American Rockwell space shuttle completes its first landing.
-Oct. 28-30, 1977. Pan American Boeing 747 sets speed record for circling globe over both poles on 26,383-mile passenger flight from San Francisco; elapsed time, including three on-ground refuelings: 54 hours, 7 minutes, 12 seconds.
The company changed its specialty from foodstuff to aerospace/defense related commodities and established an international department. Sept. 1982 - First round the world flight by helicopter completed by H. Ross Perot & Jay Coburn

November 11-16, 1982 - STS-5, Space Shuttle Columbia, launched on first operational mission. Astronauts deployed two commercial communications satellites
Established a branch in Nagoya 12 May 1985 - The new RAF airfield at Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands was opened by His Royal Highness Prince Andrew.

October 3-7, 1985 - STS-51J: First flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis
Established NTK Aviation America in California which specializes in the export of aerospace and defense products January 24, 1986 - Voyager 2: First encounter with Uranus

March 13, 1986 - Leonid Kizim and Vladimir Soloviev become the first crew launched to Mir

Dec 14-23, 1986 - Jeana Yeager and Dick Rutan make the first nonstop flight around the world without refueling in their specially designed aircraft, Voyager.
Established Space Development Division which specializes in the design and manufacturing of hardware/software for aerospace programs July 15, 1991 - NASA research pilot Edward Schneider flew the F/A-18 High Angle-of-Attack Research Vehicle (HARV), with thrust-vectoring paddles, for repair and reboost

October 3, 1991 - Marta Bohn-Meyer becomes the first woman crew member of the SR-71 Blackbird
Established a pharmacetical division in Tokyo as a wholesale drug store February 7, 1996 - The Concorde makes its fastest ever crossing time from New York to London in 2 hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds

September 26, 1996 - STS-79: Shannon Lucid returns from Mir after setting U.S. record for continuous stay in space and beginning a more than two-year continuing U.S. presence in space
Established a Strategic Integration and Sourcing (SIS) division in Los Angeles as strategic outsourced marketing and sourcing July 2, 2002 - Steve Fossett, in the 180-foot-tall "Spirit of Freedom" balloon, circumnavigates the globe on his sixth try.

July 30, 2002 - The first successful flight test of a hypersonic scramjet engine in Australia. This air-breathing scramjet engine, which burns hydrogen fuel, could theoretically power aircraft at Mach 8, for two-hour trans-Atlantic flights.

July 31, 2002 - First flight of the Boeing 747-ER, which can carry 15,000 more pounds of people or cargo and can fly about 410 nautical miles farther than existing 747-400s

August 25, 2002 - NASA set a world record for the largest balloon successfully launched, when it flew a 60 million cubic foot balloon carrying a 1,500-pound scientific payload to the fringes of space.
Establishment of NTK.COX Calibration Center in Hachioji, Tokyo