New Business

Our experience in America has taught us that the world moves rapidly, with new ideas created all the time to better serve our fellow man. Equally, improvements in manufacturing techniques cut costs from old methods of manufacturing, and new solutions are created for existing needs and requirements.
We have come to appreciate the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the American manufacturing community.
Our clients in Japan have also come to rely and trust in NTK Aviation to supply ever more cost effective and turnkey solutions to the market requirements in Japan. To this end, we represent some of America's leading aerospace manufactures to the Japanese market.
Should your company have a product or service that fits within the market segments identified within this website, we welcome you to call us and to introduce yourselves and your product. We will provide you with an honest evaluation of whether we feel that your product has opportunity through our strategic channels.
Our strategic relationships are second to none. We are confident that if your products or services have an opportunity in the Japanese market, then we can provide your product or service with the ability to receive a fair "look" by procurement agencies in Japan with the end goal to sell your products and services to solve a specific market need in Japan.

We welcome new ideas. Call us today.