Advanced Technology

Our marketing and consulting teams are with your clients on a near daily basis. That means that when special opportunities arise to solve a particular problem, we are often one of the first companies to know of the problem and thus are able to secure these opportunities for our United States based clients.

An example: One of our aerospace clients was having a wear problem on a particular bearing application. We introduced a superior liner material from the American company, Kamatics, and the solution proved to be a perfect solution to our Japanese clients engineering problem. And since the liner material could be used for additional applications, Kamatics material became a "spec'd item" in a number of drawings for our aerospace client.

This is just one small example of the benefits that can accrue through strategically aligning your companies Japanese marketing efforts with NTK Aviation America. Since we have earned a solid reputation of introducing leading edge American technologies and products to the aerospace industry in Japan, our clients often seek us out first when problems come to the fore.

If you have a leading edge product or service, please call us for an evaluation.

Since 1986, NTK Aviation America has served as a highly skilled and professional mediator between our clients in Japan and our clients in the United States. Our focus has been and remains to introduce cutting edge and leading technology companies with advanced products and services to the Japanese aerospace and defense market.

To accomplish this model, NTK Aviation America operates as a sophisticated “outsourced marketing firm” for our American clients. We now operate over 9,000 square feet of warehouse and office space to support Japan's sophisticated "Just in Time" delivery system, as well as staffing our office with bilingual US based personnel familiar with the cultural differences of Japan and the United States.

As these strategies and synergies combined, NTK Aviation has gone on to be a preferred supplier to a wide array of high technology, aerospace, and defense industry procurement arms in Japan, and our distribution capacity has created sizeable market share contributions to our American clients.

Come learn how valuable some of America's leading aerospace and defense corporations value the professional and expert services of NTK Aviation America and NTK International (Japan).